• Pleasant sauna and spa experiences

    Design solutions for sauna and lounge areas

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  • Sauna chairs

    Sauna chairs create a novel and comfortable sauna and lounge area.

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  • Luminare decorative elements

    Catches the eye and creates an atmosphere.

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  • Decoration stones

    Sustainable beauty with genuine natural stones. Four unique colour shades.

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  • Benches and
    bench levels

    Authentic Finnish sauna benches for chair saunas and traditional saunas.

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  • Relaxation Loungers

    Wave -relaxation loungers represent a new Finnish design

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Pleasant sauna and spa experiences

Saunasella Oy is a Finnish company specialised in sauna, spa and interior design products.

Our Slow Sauna & Spa approach emphasises on relaxation, tranquillity and unhurried atmosphere.