Decoration stones

Sustainable beauty with genuine natural stones

The Saunasella decoration stones were formed in the northern arctic conditions over thousands of years. The high-quality Finnish manually cut natural stones are extremely resistant to heat and moisture. 

Unique stone colours enable to create a unique impression – also different types of stone can be combined. 

  • • Four unique shades of colour
  • • Genuine Finnish natural stone
  • • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Hot rock heater background

The natural decoration stone is ideal as a background for stoves and fireplaces.

  • • Excellent heat resistance
  • • Perfects the sauna atmosphere
  • • Stone colours become highlighted with spotlights

Stone floors

The easy to care for and durable natural stone flooring brings dignified elegance to the space.
  • • Preserves heat
  • • Pleasantly smooth shale surface
  • • Highly resistant to wear

Stone walls

A unique natural stone wall lasts through time and creates a wonderful atmosphere.
  • • An eye-catching element in a room
  • • For saunas, laundry facilities, or as a decorative wall
  • • Easy to maintain and durable

Stone saunas

Natural stone can be used to create an atmospheric sauna for enjoying the heat.
  • • Stylish and cosy
  • • Distributes heat comfortably and evenly
  • • Different stone colours can be combined

Stone yards

The genuine natural yard stones and tiles can be used to create good-looking and easy to maintain lounge and outdoor areas. 
  • • Comfortable under feet
  • • Easy to maintain and stylish
  • • A timeless solution

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